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About Us

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MRB Consulting is owned and operated by Ralph Borcherds. Offering support in all areas of computers from Tech Support to Web Design and Development. Located in the Coachella Valley or better known as the Palm Springs area in California. Ralph has been in the consulting business since 1997 supporting all sorts of business sizes. He has worked in large companies with over 10,000 employees and in small startup businesses. His passion is the small business owner and helping them succeed with technology.

Because of all the technology out there, it is hard for most business to keep up with it. Because of how fast technology changes, we do out best to teach you about the changes and how it can help your business. We do not recommend just a few products to our clients, but we look at all the needs you have and potential future needs. After doing this we work on finding a solution that will support you for years.

We do our best to find the best solutions at as much a reasonable cost as possible. This does mean that we may not recommend something that you are thinking of or that the most common software is the best solution. We do take the time to training the employees on how to use the software correctly.

Work Methodology

What we focus on

Website Design

When we create a website for your company, we use the following criteria:

  • Current technology
  • Easy for client to update
  • Pleasing color scheme, using company colors if you have any
  • Incorporate website into current marketing efforts

The design process can take weeks before we start to put it together for one simple reason. That is that we do not want to create something that you cannot define and know what you want. We do our best to deliver what you want. By work with you until you can define exactly what you want and need on your website.


Web Development

When we go to code your webs site, we use the most up to date technology. Most informational websites will be developed using WordPress. This allows your business update and maintain the website without having to come back to us for updates.

For e-commerce sites we use Magento for most sites. Magento is the most secure out of the box e-Commerce software.  If security is not that important to you and you want more ease of use we have a few other solutions for you.

For those sites that do not fit into one of these categories, we do custom development work. Talk with us about what you want to do and we will let you know what options we provide.

IT Consulting / Computer Support

When we come in to help you with your computer issues, we do all that we can to solve your computer issues. We will explain all of your options. When you are having issues with your computers, you generally have options as to how it will be solved. Sometime the best option is to replace the computer, other times it is to install specialized software. We do not promote any one company products for the simple fact that you may need a different solution.

We have been working with Windows and MAC computers since they first came out and with Linux/UNIX systems a few years latter. Ralph has done phone tech support for WordPerfect and then for Microsoft Windows.  Ralph has also worked in network support setting up and maintaining servers all over the world. Take a look at his LinkedIn profile to see most of his experience.