Analysis is of This is a site I have been read for many years and one of the few blogs I read on a regular basis. They do quite a bit of social media marketing from their blog.

The main purpose of what they advertise is that anyone can become a blogger. Their entire site is dedicated to giving everyone advice on how to become a blogger and promote their blog to the world. They do keep it down to earth and give you the struggles you will have to overcome to be successful in each area they teach you about.

Each ad is geared towards a specific aspect of blogging and they draw you in by working on your emotions. They are good at getting to your emotional desire to become a better writer and that is how they get your attention.

One of the downsides I see with these are that they have a very small market they are going after. That being said, they do currently make over $1 million a year with this model by going after the budding writers/bloggers.

The way I interpret the ads I see from them, they are trying to get you to go to their website and subscribe to their services. The way that they determine if an ad is successful is by the number of people that go to their website from the various social media platforms they advertise on.

They have a very unassuming presence which helps make the general public feel welcome to their site. Their writing style is very easy and not technical if they can help it.

They do very limited advertising on Social Media now.  At this point in time they are not advertising much on Social Media. Most of the advertising that is occurring is due to other people sharing their content and links to their site.  They are also in the middle of restructuring the company into multiple divisions that can work independent of each other to gain a wider audience. I suspect that when the is finished we will see more social media ads for each of the new divisions that they will be creating.