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Inside of brochure ![12ARalphBorcherds-Offset-5a2.jpg]

What the brochure looks like folded


Description - Process

Create a brochure for a company on any topic that is of interest to us.


I decided to do the brochure for a friend of mine that has been thinking about doing one. I thought this would be a great way to get something done for both the class and his dental business.

How I decided on what to do and how I did it.

  • I stated by thinking of some of the areas we had discussed that he wanted to market and do some internet advertising.
  • I chose to work on his cosmetic dentistry area because that is one he is just getting into marketing.
  • I started by going through the library of before and after photos that he has from previous work he has done and chose 10 images to use
  • I then put the before and after images together for use in this brochure and on his website using Photoshop.
  • I then wrote the text for the brochure by looking at the text we were working on for his website and used that as a guide.
  • I then looked for a profile image of the dentist and an info-graphic that we may want to utilize.
  • I recreated the info-graphic with few details than the original in Illustrator.
  • I then opened InDesign and setup the margins for the brochure then placed the images on the pages where I thought they would work
  • I then added the basic text then went back and added the headings for each section.
  • I then added the background color, adjusted the kerning and leading of the text.
  • I made a few versions to see what the info-graphic and images would look like in various layouts and with transparent backgrounds.

The images I chose to use in the end were from a lot of feedback from many people.

Critique Process

The critique process was quite long and lengthy. I asked a lot of people what they thought of the printed brochure.

I received critique from the following people.

The teacher, classmates:Jacob Casal Other: Jay Jorgensen, Stacy Borcherds, Brittany Manning, Debbie Miller and others

I did incorporate some of what they suggested. At times I had 4 or 5 different print outs for them to look at and tell me what they liked and disliked from each version.

Misc Info

The message of this brochure is to get people to think about having cosmetic dentistry done. Part of that is to educate them as to what their options are and how vital the correct dentist is. We also wanted to educate the patients a little on the importance of dental hygiene along with the dentistry.


The audience is any dental patient that has thought about or needs to think about cosmetic dentistry. Most people fall into this category for a variety of reasons from simply having bad hygiene to having lost most of their teeth from drug use or injuries.


There are two things that I learned from this assignment.

  1. How easy it is to create a brochure, but how hard it is to find the right combination of elements to get someone to even look at it. This was very evident in the critique process and what the response was to the question, "Would you pick this up and read it?".
  2. The importance of learning how to do kerning and leading in your designs. I never really thought about it in the past but it does make a great difference in how easy/hard something is read.



The color scheme is mainly a monochromatic blue. I chose blue because of the psychological message of stability and calmness.

The lightest blue: Hex: #273f94, CMYK: 99, 89, 5, 0

The darkest blue: Hex #0e164c, CYMK: 100, 98, 34, 42

Text: White

Fonts Used


Myriad Pro / San Serif


Minion Pro / Serif

Word Count - 256

Original Image

The info graphic image was taken from the UK Dental Association website and the rest were either created for this project or taken by the doctor over the years.

Original came from