This is a big part of my personal manifesto. I will be updating each item with more details as time goes on.

  1. Love those around you – Without love, life is not worth much
  2. Be supportive of positive achievements – We all have achievements, good or bad, but the ones that move us forward are the ones that need to be celebrated
  3. Do what you believe is right - If you think something is right do it, if you do not feel guilty about something do it as long as it not against the law
  4. Help those in need when tragedy hits – We all have bad days and good days. When someone is in a tragedy, we need to show support and help in meaningful ways
  5. Love your family and grow it – Love your family and do what it takes to make that love grow. If it is not growing then it is dying.
  6. Love your beliefs and study it
  7. Learn something new everyday – You waste a day by not learning something new. Apply it to your life to make it better.
  8. Speak your mind when you disagree with something – If you do not open your mouth and say something then you acknowledge your agreement with it
  9. Question why, challenge the mindset – You need to always question why and if you cannot accept the answer then learn everything you can.
  10. Never settle for mediocrity – Always strive to do your best and never settle for “that will do”
  11. Do your best in all you do
  12. Be there for those you love
  13. Be the exception to the normal status quo
  14. Avoid the jackasses and jerks
  15. Strive for the simple life but be ready to embrace the confusion and crazy along the way
  16. Work to live not live to work
  17. Give of you time and talents to those that can benefit from them
  18. The devil is in the detail pay attention to them
  19. Be willing to change when appropriate
  20. HAM it up everyday - Follow the HAM Radio Creed. The Radio Amateur Is: CONSIDERATE, LOYAL, PROGRESSIVE, FRIENDLY, BALANCED and PATRIOTIC.  You can find it at