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    Reverse Engineering Post: Sponsored Ad on Social Media

  • Reverse Engineer Post: A Social Video

      While looking for a video to analyze, I came across this one ad on Facebook I had never seen…

  • Image from blog post.

    Reverse Engineer an Article Promotion

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    REP – Brand that has designed their social channels well.

  • Ralph and Stacy

    Personal Manifesto

    This is a big part of my personal manifesto. I will be updating each item with more details as time…

  • 10 Steps to become a better WRiter

    Analysis of Social Content Blog site

    My Analysis is of This is a site I have been read for many years and one of the…

  • Social Media Campaign Analysis

    What makes a good social media campaign? This is an analysis of the one done by NASA called #AYearInSpace. I…

  • Portfolio Project – Week 13-14

  • Brochures -Week 11 & 12

  • Web Page Mockup – Week 10